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Personal data

At Neoaxess, we recognize the importance of the confidentiality of personal information!

This document aims to define, firstly, the various types of personal information transmitted to us when you use our services, and also some of the measures we take to protect the data. We hope this will help you make an informed decision the decision to release it or not.


This document is our written commitment that details the privacy practices applicable in the context of the use of products, services and websites worldwide Neoaxess (hereinafter collectively, the “Services” Neoaxess).

Personal information and other data collected

Neoaxess collects personal information when you register a Neoaxess service or when you provide this information on your own. They can also be combined with information from other Neoaxess services or third parties in order to make the use more pleasant and, where appropriate, to offer personalized content.
Neoaxess uses cookies and other technologies to facilitate your use of Neoaxess services to study the use made of it and more generally to improve our services.
Whenever you visit our website or ask our services, server Neoaxess automatically record information such as the URL, IP address, type, browser language, and the date and time of connection.
In no event a correlation is made between these cookies and the personal information that could hold Neoaxess.


Les informations personnelles communiquées peuvent être utilisées afin de fournir les services demandés, y compris ceux qui entraînent l’affichage de contenus personnalisés.
Les informations personnelles peuvent également être utilisées à des fins d’audit, de recherches et d’analyse, afin d’assurer le bon fonctionnement et la qualité des technologies et des services Neoaxess.
Nous sommes susceptibles de partager des informations non personnelles sous forme collective avec des tiers.
Lorsque nous avons recours à des tiers pour le traitement de vos informations personnelles, nous veillons à ce qu’ils respectent notre Engagement de Confidentialité ainsi que toutes mesures de confidentialité et de sécurité appropriées.
Nous pourrions également communiquer des informations à des tiers dans des circonstances précises, notamment à la requête d’une autorité publique, à des fins de prévention des fraudes ou des dommages imminents, ou encore afin d’assurer la sécurité de notre réseau et de nos services.
Les informations personnelles sont traitées sur les serveurs de Neoaxess, en France et dans d’autres pays. Dans certains cas, vos données personnelles peuvent être traitées sur des serveurs situés hors de votre pays de résidence.

Freedom of choice

The personal information can be used to provide the requested services, including those that result in the display of customized content.
Personal information may also be used for auditing, research and analysis to ensure the proper functioning and quality of technologies and services Neoaxess.
We may share non-personal information with third form.
When we use third parties to treat your personal information, we make sure they comply with our Privacy Commitment and all measures appropriate confidentiality and security.
We may also disclose information to third parties in limited circumstances, including at the request of a public authority for the purpose of preventing fraud or imminent harm, or to ensure the security of our network and our services.
Personal information is processed on Neoaxess servers, France and other countries. In some cases, your personal data may be processed on servers located outside your country of residence.

For more information

According to law “and Freedoms” of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access and correct the data. For this, we simply make the request online, indicating your name and address.

CNIL: Neoaxess is registered under the registration number 1413911 of 21/02/2010.

For more information on specific services Neoaxess or our privacy practices, please contact us using the Contact form Site.