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Eiffel Tower equipped with Neoaxess

La Tour Eiffel équipée par Neoaxess

Neoaxess provides filtering and visitors counting equipment and software to manage more than 7000 visits per hour on the esplanade of the Champs de Mars.

In coordination with the security services and the engineering department of the Eiffel Tower, Neoaxess completed the development of 10 turnstiles and Tansa pedestrian doors to enable the control of exits within a complete system of secured access in accordance with the special requirements for this exceptional site.

Paris has rearranged one of the most beautiful sites of the city, the Champs de Mars, to host its Eiffel Tower Fan Zone and give every Parisian and visitor of all ages the opportunity to live a unique friendly and festive experience around football and UEFA EURO 2016 ™.